A path to excellence
for Master and PhD students

Changing Cultures, Societies, Practices

Tackling the main challenges in the Human and Social Sciences fields

The "Changing Cultures, Societies and Practices" Graduate Programme is a multidisciplinary higher education initiative in the humanities and social science, at both master’s and doctoral levels.

This cutting-edge course, open to students from around the world and with a focus on research, draws on the skills and knowledge of the humanities and social sciences to develop a better understanding of the global shift taking place in contemporary societies.

Various initiatives have been put in place to encourage students to develop an approach to the current historical, cultural and institutional changes in a way that allows them to understand the creative dynamics of change which can manifest in organizational methods marked by innovation, in both individual and collective resilient practices, and in novel forms of cultural output.

This Graduate Programme aims at building a stimulating and interdisciplinary intellectual environment for the students to work in. It relies on the crossovers between the existing skills at the University of Lille in the humanities and social science with the aim of developing, in line with the work being done by the CNRS and other research bodies, disciplinary and multidisciplinary studies that can shed light on the objectives and challenges facing the contemporary world, while also interacting with the other I-SITE hubs as part of a comprehensive dynamic to support transition-driven research.