A path to excellence
for Master and PhD students

The doctoral school

The SCP graduate programme falls mainly under the Science of Matter, Radiation and the Environment (SMRE) doctoral school.


PhD students


Thesis defences in 2022


Research units



Science of Matter, Radiation and the Environment

Institutions involved:

  • University of Lille
  • IMT Nord-Europe
  • Centrale Lille Institut

Research discipline:

  • Physics
  • Earth and Universe Sciences, Space
  • Chemistry
  • Biology, Medicine, Health
  • Engineering sciences
  • Agricultural and ecological sciences


More information: ED SMRE website 

Registration for doctoral studies

If you are a Master students 


If you wish to join the Graduate Programme at PhD level or would like to pursue a thesis, consult the available thesis topics published by the doctoral schools and contact the thesis supervisor beforehand.












If you are a PhD students 


As a doctoral student at the doctoral schools, if your thesis topic has been awarded a label by the graduate programme:

  • you can access the master’s classes taught as part of the Graduate Programme 
  • you’re invited to events organised as part of the graduate programme, like the summer and autumn schools
  • you can contribute to the organization of graduate programme events, such as the after-work seminars or end-of-year conference
  • you can secure a supplement to the Information and Knowledge Society diploma indicating the 3 core competencies acquired: interdisciplinary skills, international experience and the capacity to work in public sector research or R&D in the private sector
  • you can benefit from an outward mobility grant for a mobility project. More information can be found in the section entitled “Calls for applications – grants”.
  • you will have the opportunity to share knowledge with other students as a lecturer or tutor and thereby develop your teaching skills.