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Master in Biology-Health

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You will study innovative technological concepts (big data, modeling of biological systems, artificial intelligence, etc.) and their applications in biology-health research, particularly in major disciplinary fields (cancer, diabetes and cardio-metabolic disease, neuroscience, infectious and immuno-inflammatory pathologies). You will carry out your 6-month full-time research internship in the laboratory of your choice.

In order to get further information about this cursus, please visit the master Biology Health' dedicated website.

The key additions offered by the Precision Health Graduate Programme:

10 Seminars lead by professionals in Preicison Health

  • From OMICS to systems biology
  • Precision imaging and health
  • The molecular bases of pathologies and treatments
  • Artificial Intelligence and Precision Health
  • New modes of action of personalized drugs
  • Innovative medical devices
  • Using patient cohorts for cutting-edge research
  • Public health policy and health economics, in light of precision health
  • Ethics,health and society

A personalized preparation for the research internship

An innovative training to develop your research project and write a funding application. Work carried out in small, interactive groups including students and mentors.



Research internship

A 6-month full time period of research training through research in internationally recognized laboratories with personalized preparation.