A path to excellence
for Master and PhD students

Information and Knowledge Society

Our modern societies increasingly rely on a digital infrastructure that links individuals, organizations and autonomous objects within a complex and dense network. In this massively connected world, everyone can be joined everywhere at any time. Information and knowledge are produced, conveyed and shared with unprecedented ease. Massive amounts of data give us new insights in our world. This opens up fascinating prospects for our civilisation, whether in economic, social or cultural terms.

This infrastructure requires hardware architectures with ever-greater performance coupled with ever-smaller energy footprint, robust and constantly evolving software, and new algorithms and concepts enabling us to understand the complexity of an intrinsically multi-scale system.

To make this digital world friendly to humans, it is also important to understand the cognitive processes governing how we exchange information and interact with our environment, for a smooth and intuitive dialogue between humans and machines. Lastly, the digital world is deeply changing our identity, who we are within society, and even our consciousness. It is therefore urgent for us to give meaning to connected humanity and to address the fundamental questions raised by these new frontiers.


Inauguration days

Every year in October

The aim of this event is to welcome students from the graduate programme and outline the scientific topics covered by the programme via interdisciplinary conferences. Workshops to facilitate student integration and help them meet one another and sessions with poster presentations are also held as part of this event. The seminar run at the beginning of the academic year is a wonderful event to bring master’s and doctoral students, lecturers and researchers together. 

After work sessions

Late afternoon every month


These informal events give participants the chance to meet with a professional working in their area and discuss their academic and professional background. They are a wonderful opportunity for master’s and doctoral students on the programme to begin to look ahead to their own careers

Would you like to suggest the next guest speaker or share your experience with our students? Contact us




End-of-year conference

Half-day event each year in June


This event is organised by the doctoral students on the graduate programme and follows the standard format of scientific conferences. On the agenda: interdisciplinary discussions and poster presentations. 




PhD Job Day

2 to 3 weeks in late January


The PhD Job day is the 100% digital job fair for PhD students and Master students looking for a thesis. The objectives are to prepare PhD students and Doctors for their career and to show them the possibilities offered after their thesis.

The "Collège Doctoral" in partnership with the Graduate Programme of the University of Lille have done their utmost to offer a quality job forum involving human resources and actors from the Hauts-de-France region (APEC, MEL, Hauts-de-France Region, etc.).

More information on the PhDJobDay website

International Academy

Every year in August

The International Academy in partnership with the Graduate Programmes offer an online-taught 25-hour summer training open to all international students who have been admitted to a Graduate Programme (GP) in Lille. It aims at preparing them for higher education studies and everyday life in France through an intensive training in the French language, but also culture, methodology and an insight into the academic environment, in line with their language level and fields of study.

If you wish to join the training, reach out to the Graduate Programme office, once and only once you have been selected as a GP student and ask for the form.

The participation is fully covered by the Graduate Programme office. 

More information on the International Academy website