A path to excellence
for Master and PhD students

What is a Graduate Programmes?

The Graduate Programmes are an innovative approach to research-driven training, integrating master and phd students around the major scientific and societal themes of the Lille area, in a stimulating, competitive and innovative international context.


Innovative working environments

Because societal challenges require interdisciplinary approaches, our graduate programmes gather master and Phd students with different expertises around a common general theme, for example “Precision Health” or “Science for a Changing Planet”. While strengthening their core expertise within their master course or thesis project, all the students of a graduate programme gather in interdisciplinary events or cross-disciplinary training, thus learning how to interact today with their collaborators of tomorrow. Our graduate programmes are built on  
4 core values:

IMMERSIVE: Our environment is Immersive, engaging students in a world of hands-on experiences thanks to:

  • Internships in top-class research units& platforms
  • Active interactions between Master & PhD students
  • Pedagogical innovation

INTERDISCIPLINARY: interdisciplinarity is actively promoted, to establish bridges between different knowledges and by helping our students to build a global vision of the central theme of the graduate programme

  • Meet and exchange
  • Join complementary expertises
  • Think and build together the world of tomorrow

4 different Graduate Programmes

INTERNATIONAL: Our international focus takes you on a global journey, exposing you to diverse cultures and perspectives.

  • English-taught Training
  • Travel the world
  • Meet students from everywhere

INTEGRATION: Integration is at the core of our philosophy, as we seamlessly blend theory and practice, equipping you with skills that are immediately applicable in today's evolving landscape.

  • Develop your Transversal skills
  • Explore Socio-Economic World
  • Build your professional Network

Professional outcomes  

Upon completing our programme, students have a diverse spectrum of professional pathways to choose from, depending on their individual aspirations and project focus. Our programme empowers students to shape their professional destiny, ensuring they're well-prepared for whichever path they choose.

PHD: For those with a thirst for creation, and want to deepen their research-driven training by advancing to advancement of knowledge, the option to pursue a Ph.D. thesis  will engage you in a unique scientific and human adventure. A PhD thesis is the highest diploma being recognized throughout the world.

ACADEMIC RESEARCH: After obtaining a PhD degree and gaining post-doctoral experience, some may become permanent faculty members in higher-learning institutations or full-time researchers and build a career dedicated to research and training.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT and ENGINEERINGCompetitive private companies rely on research and innovation to offer unique solutions, thanks to high-level researchers and research-trained managers. After a Master or a PhD degree, you will able to join enterprises that tackle real-world challenges and contribute to ground-breaking innovations.





Programmes for Masters and Doctoral students

Our graduate programmes thrive on dynamic collaboration with diverse courses, doctoral schools, and research units. This synergy ensures that our offerings remain innovative and responsive, providing students with an enriched educational experience at the forefront of interdisciplinary learning and cutting-edge research.

Whether in lectures with a faculty member, in a thesis project, or in the joint activities of a graduate programme, master and PhD students are trained through research. The synergy between faculties, research units and doctoral schools guarantees that they all enjoy a rich and innovative training experience, and build state-of-the-art knowledge.

Master students 

Master students belong to one of the master courses affiliated with a graduate programme. These courses were chosen because they teach in one of the areas of expertise relevant to the main programme theme and because they follow a common scheme.  All students registered on these courses are registered with the graduate programme.

PhD students 

PhD students whose research project is related to the main programme theme are free to enroll in the graduate programme, on a voluntary basis and with the approval of their supervisor. They can then participate in the activities of the programme and apply for international mobility grants.