A path to excellence
for Master and PhD students

Welcome in Lille

 The University of Lille has a comprehensive policy which aims at making you feel welcome. This includes many useful tools, services and events in order to help the students to get started.

Key events
Integration Day and Graduate Programmes event

The integration day (JIVE)

The University of Lille has set up different events designed in order to make the students feel welcome. Each year, the University organises a "JIVE"- the integration day in the student life-

This is a good time for sharing experiences, find out more about the different campus and facilities offered by the university of Lille. In addition, you will be able to know more about the different sports and cultural events organised during the academic year. There is also a special service dedicated to provide assistance to any disabled student on the campus.

Graduate Programmes events

Each Graduate Programme organises some events at the begining, during and at the end of the academic year ( Summer Schools, seminars, After works, etc...)

Tool box
Guidance for international students

Each year, the University of Lille sets up several actions in order to welcome the international students. Please do not hesitate to visite the website in order to get more information. For instance, you will find " a welcome pack " as well as an "accomodation guide" that you are welcome to download.

You can download some useful applications that will help you to settle in Lille as well as in your student life:

You can either dowload the application on Google Play Store and Apple Store or visit the web version of it.

Support between Graduate Programmes students
The community's networks

A Facebook page dedicated to the Graduate Programmes is there for you as soon as your application is approved. You will be able to find some useful tips and keep in touch with other students from the Graduate Programmes.

A tutor system is also available in order to create a link between Masters and PhD students.