A path to excellence
for Master and PhD students

Doctoral School application

To participate in the Graduate Programme, your thesis topic should align with one of the programme's challenges. Selection is based on email communication and is entirely voluntary. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to enroll in the Graduate Programme and take advantage of all the associated benefits.

The benefits

As a doctoral student and if your thesis topic has been awarded a label by the Graduate Programmes:

  • you can access the master’s classes taught as part of the Graduate Programmes 
  • you’re invited to events organised as part of the Graduate Programmes, (summer schools, Inaugural Conferences, Afterworks, etc.)
  • you can contribute to the organization of Graduate Programmes events, (Afterwork seminars, End-of-year conference, etc.)
  • you can secure a supplement to your diploma indicating the 3 core competencies acquired:
    • interdisciplinary skills,
    • international experience
    • capacity to work in public sector research or R&D in the private sector
  • you can benefit from an International Mobility Grant for a mobility project. 
  • you will have the opportunity to share knowledge with other students as a lecturer or tutor and thereby develop your teaching skills.

The seven doctoral schools

The Graduate Programme works closely with the University of Lille's seven doctoral schools, which cover a wide range of research fields. By integrating these seven doctoral schools, the Graduate Programme offers an enriching and comprehensive doctoral experience that embraces the diversity of knowledge and disciplines present at the University of Lille.